About Us

Our Ecology Centre was completed in the summer of 2005 and is based in Wicklow Town, beside our Organic Farm. We aim to promote a holistic and sustainable way of life.

We offer a variety of courses including the New Cosmology and its effect on our understanding of ourselves as participants in the community of life on Planet Earth. We also provide extensive 10 Week Residential Programmes which include becoming familiar with our evolution over 14 billion years as discovered by contemporary science. We explore its implications for understanding our place in the universe and look at the theological implications of this new cosmology.

After 10 weeks here's what some of our participants had to say:

  • The New Cosomology has been very challenging - my image of God has been transformed.  Yolande ~ Sri Lanka
  • What was most challenging was the struggle to integrate the new story into my everyday living and ministry.  Paul ~ Dublin
  • The course caused me to internalise many things of which I was intellectually aware, but not 'processed'.  Bill ~ Australia

The following video shows one of the An Tairseach team, Marian O'Sullivan OP giving further in-depth information about the centre. 

To book or receive further information on our 10 Week Courses simply contact us at info@ecocentrewicklow.ie  

or Tel: 00 353 404 61833 and we would be happy to send you further information.